"LIVE RANKING" is a ranking to win with the number of "trophies".
"Trophy" can be earned by distributing chips at BIGWIN.
If you win the top prize, you can earn several times as many coins as the reward for the chip amount you distributed.
Let's distribute chips by applying BIGWIN within the time limit.


It is the ranking of the number of coins acquired in the slot competing on a daily basis.
If you win more than 3rd place you can earn a reward coin.

・Item Drop

When you play a slot, the item gauge will rise.
Items can be earned when item gauge reaches MAX.


It is a special bonus that happens when friend symbols are complete.

When "Friend BIGWIN" occurs, you can invite Facebook friends.

When an invited friend starts the game,
You can earn the same amount of coins as the reward earned with "Friend Bigwin".
※ You can not invite friends and earn rewards unless you have "Facebook Connect".


When you won the BIGWIN, you can distribute "GOODIE CHIP" to other players who are playing together on the floor.
When distributing chips, "TROPHY" can be earned,
"LIVE RANKING" will fluctuate according to the number of "TROPHY" acquired.
* If there is no other player in the floor, you can not acquire chips even if you win BIGWIN.


When you won the BIGWIN,
You can earn if you distribute "GOODIE CHIP" to other players on the same room.


You can exchange "Goody Chip" dealt from other players to "Coin".

The exchangeable chip amount increases according to the "coin" consumption amount in game play.

・Invite to room

By tapping vacant seats in the right window during the game,
Invite online friends to the room.


By using items, you gain various benefits such as increased acquisition experience value and increased payout amount.
Each item has a time to show its effect.
For details of the effect please check the description of the item.


BIGWIN, JACKPOT history can be confirmed.

・Facebook connect

You can earn "coins" by linking with Facebook accounts.
The acquired "coin" can be received from "Reward".

・Shared Bonus

You can share it to Facebook on Lv up and BIGWIN winning.
If you share it you can earn a coin as a bonus.
In order to do a share, it is necessary to cooperate with Facebook beforehand.
※ You can not share it if you are not connected with Facebook. Moreover, Facebook connection can not be done when Lv up, BIGWIN winning.


・lottery of the jackpot

You can only win a lottery with BET play above a certain amount.


The number of coins that can be acquired in order increases.

"MINI" and "MINOR" for each slots defined coins will be paid out.

"MAJOR" and "MEGA" are paid out "coins" based on the amount bet on that slot.

"OVERALL" are paid out "coins" based on the amount bet on that all slots.



It is a mission that happens everyday. Once you achieve it you can earn "gem".
Let's gather "gems" and open a "treasure box".


It is a necessary jewel when opening "Treasure Box".
You can earn with "Daily Mission" and friend invitations.

・Treasure BOX

It is a treasure chest that can be opened using "Gem".

There are three types The more expensive "Treasure BOX"
You can expect to gain highly effective items.


It is a mission that you can earn rewards by achieving various conditions.

Please check the condition from "ACHIEVEMENT" of "MYPAGE".


It is a title that you can earn when you achieve "ACHIEVEMENT".
The acquired title can be set with "MYPAGE".


・Daily Bonus

You can earn coins according to your daily login.
The number of coins you can earn increases according to Lv and the number of friends.


It is a bonus occurred on the fourth day of the daily bonus.
It is an opportunity to earn several times more coins than the login bonus.

Time Bonus

You can get a coin once every 4 hours.


Bonus occurred every time you win 6 time bonuses.
It is an opportunity to acquire coins several times the time bonus.


Special bonus that occurs at the end of lotto opportunity.
You can earn coins at a higher magnification than Roto Chance.


You can earn items when the effect specified in the slot occurs.



You can invite Facebook friends. You can earn "GEM" as an invitation reward. Let's gather "GEM" and open the treasure box.


You can give it to friends and other players.

Every person can send it once a day, by any number of people.
Collect candy and you can earn coins as a reward.


It is a "coin" that you can give to your friends.

Let's send gifts to each other and win coins.
* Even if you send a gift to a friend, your own coins will not decrease.


Player's name

If you are not connected to Facebook, you can change your name from "My Page".
While Facebook is linked, the name registered on Facebook is displayed.



You can switch between English and Japanese from "SETTING" in the upper right of the screen.



Remuneration, such as "Facebook connect" "ACHIEVEMENT" "EFFECT COLLECTION" will be able to receive from "REWARD".

・Free coins

Once a day, you can earn a relief bonus when the coin runs out. In addition, you can earn free coins by watching "SHOP" video advertisement.

・About slot

You can check the description of each slot by pressing the "PayTable" button during play.